29 November, 2005 Tuesday: Tengboche- Pangboche- Dingboche

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oday the team left Tengboche with a long day ahead of them. After leaving Thyangboche, the trail traversed for almost two hours before the trekkers and camera team arrived in Pangboche. Once in Pangboche, the team took a break before an interview with Tashi Tseri. During the break, the parents and family of Ang Dorje was summoned to join the team. Ang Droje is a Sherpa originally from Pangboche who married and moved to the United States. He was interviewed previously for this film in Seattle, WA, close to where he now lives with his wife and two children. His youngest child, Karma Doma, was born November 4, and the film crew from Boston brought photos of his new daughter to present to his family in Pangboche, who had not yet seen the new baby. It was a very exciting presentation, and the whole team (and Ang Dorje’s family) was very moved by the experience.

After this presentation, the David interviewed Tashi Tseri in the lodge he owns in Pangboche. Before leaving Pangboche for Dingboche, the team visited Lama Geshi, a very powerful Lama for mountaineers. The Lama blessed the crew and requested good weather and safety on their trek to Everest Base Camp. To each member that visited the Lama, he gave a personal blessing and a sundhi, a specially knotted rope to tie around the neck, and a kata, a thin, white scarf. Both of these items bring good luck to the members of the team. The team arrived in Dingboche just as the sun was about to set and settled in for a chilly night.