October 30, 2008: Trek starts from today...

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Here we are the frist night of our Lynns poonhill gang/ Annaapurna trail gang.my being the eldest member of the gang among eight women have been chosen to report first. We started early in the morning gathering the bags and instructed. Then we jump in the bus and drove to the airport and flew to Pokhara together with Wongchu Sherpa.We met our Sherpas team of Eleven at pokhara including Mingmar Sherpa. Once again we jumped in the bus and drove to Nayapul. And then we start our trek around at 1 o’clock. Porters are ready to carry our bags to Hile.
We trek to Birethanti and stop there for lunch and talking than we went along the river. There were golden rice field. Most of the trail is made of hand made of rock & many hundreds of steps. The view along the trail was beautiful and saw some beautiful water fall. We did stop to enjoy the view several times and then we arrived at Hile around at 5:45pm where we are spending a night. I did come in last with Pem Nuri Sherpa but I made it. We had dinner and going to bed.