27 November, 2005 Sunday: Filming...

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There was a lot of filming today. The film crew was very busy all day with shooting. One shot involved yaks, and David directed the yaks to follow his lead on the trail. The morning was clear and warm, but in the afternoon, the team battled cold wind and many clouds blowing up from the valleys.

Mingmar Sherpa has been managing the sound equipment on the trek, and he has received instruction from Bill on how to record sound for a film. By the end of the morning shoot, Mingmar was ready to take over as sound recordist.

Mingmar started working with David in winter of 1996 when David came to the Khumbu for aerial shooting for the Everest IMAX film. Mingmar has worked in the mountains since that shoot in 1996. In 2004, Mingmar summited Everest with David working on a shoot for Universal Studios. Mingmar is an exceptional trekking guide for Peak Promotion. He was also fully involved with the project, Himalaya with Michael Palin for the BBC while Peak Promotion was handling it.


Peak Promotion’s another trekking group members Yi-Wyn Yen and Megan Barrett went to to visit Thame. They met Appa Sherpa who has scaled Mt. Everest 15 times in his Lodge. They got chance to have photograph with him. This was great opportunity for them. They also have visited Thame Monastery with their guide Rinji Sherpa.