Final Report

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Final report;

After one night in Namche Bazar at the wonderful Khumbu Lodge I continued down to Lukla together with Niklas and Anders. The lower I got the easier it became and I could almost hold my normal trekking speed without too much pain in my lungs. We reached Lukla after only 4,5 hours trekking which is a rather descent tempo. One night in Lukla and then an early morning flight down to Kathmandu. Having spent two weeks in high country pretty much without any smells or colours, few people, silence and thin air, you are almost bombarded with the opposite upon arrival in Kathmandu. The air is full of smells, there are a multitude of colours everywhere, the streets are full of people and noise and the air is warm and thick to breath. It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy civilization again. A hot and long shower, sleeping in a reel bed, wearing cotton cloths and light shoes instead of heavy trekking boots. I also met with Greger and Lena who came down one day before me and where leaving for Sweden the next day. In Kathmandu the wonderful news also reached us. Per-Ivar had made it to the summit of Island Peak in the early Sunday morning!! A huge congratulation from all of us! Unfortunately Rolle had to turn back shortly after leaving base camp because of stomach problems. But a great
effort from both of them! That evening me, Greger, Lena, Niklas, Anders and part of the Peak promotion crew celebrated at the classic Rum Doodles restaurant. My last days in Kathmandu were spent administrating air tickets, shopping, recovering from the expedition and just “hanging around” the wonderful city of Kathmandu. I also stayed long enough to meet up with Per-Ivar and Rolle when they came down from Lukla. We also had a celebration night at Rum Doodles. On the Thursday I flew out of Kathmandu and arrived Stockholm early Friday morning.
It’s almost too early to try to summarize the expedition. It always takes a week or two for it to sink in. But we made all of our goals – placing the Angel at Khalapatar, we all reached Everest base Camp and we got at least one member at the summit of Island Peak. As always we all also owe a huge thank you to my friends at Peak Promotion. They excel in everything they do. The service is top notch. If you want changes in schedule or routines is never a problem, they just fix it. And perhaps even more important, the safety Peak Promotion can offer is outstanding. We always had a Gamow-bag carried with us, the same with an oxygen-bottle, satellite connections and experienced guides where there to help us if anyone should get sick, and so on. This is far more than most other guide companies will offer if you go trekking in Nepal. All the staff, from the girls and guys at the office, to guides, cooks, porters, kitchen boys, they all do their utmost for you to feel welcome, to feel safe and for you to be able to enjoy the trek 100%. From all of us to all of you - THANK YOU Peak Promotion!!!