May 07, 2008 - We were all very tired reaching Base Camp...

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Gorak Shep – Everest base Camp – Gorak Shep

Today we reached the second of our goals. The mythical Everest Base Camp. Looking on the map the trek looks easy. Not much of an ascent, “only” 200 meters. But nothing is easy above 5000 meters. It takes almost 2,5 hours to reach Base Camp and you have to fight for every step. Getting closer it’s an amazing sight. Right now there are some 44 expeditions with some 1000 people in Base Camp preparing to summit the highest peak on earth when the Chinese embargo lifts on the 10th of May. It’s a small town of tents that spreads out on the glacier at the bottom of the Ice fall where the climb begins.

We were all very tired reaching Base Camp and most grateful when Wongchu Sherpa, owner of our guide company, invited us in to the dining tent of the Peak promotion expedition attempting to climb Everest. We had a wonderful lunch and a great chat with some of the members of the climbing team.

The way back to Gorak Shep took as long as the way to Base Camp and we all collapsed in our tents upon arrival. We in general very week at the moment. Life at this altitude is very hard and you tend to avoid doing anything that steels your energy. Repacking, taking a stroll, even washing are things you hesitate to do. Some of us have even started to eat the high altitude medicine Diamox since we are experiencing some symptoms of altitude sickness. Nothing alarming yet but better start early with the medicine than too late. However, tomorrow we descend to lower altitudes

and we will all feel much better. There may not be a report tomorrow since the day is rather free of xcitements (we hope). But I will be back the day after that if the technology is on my side.