May 06, 2008 - And suddenly she’s there!

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Lobuche - Gorak Shep – Khalapatar – Gorak Shep

Today one of the expedition’s main goals was achieved. Hope found her new home 5545m above sea level. Due to the weather we decided to place her one day early since we had a shift in the weather granting us clear blue skies and little wind. We did the extremely strenuous climb to the summit of Khalapatar early in the morning and just below the summit we found the perfect spot to place her. Through the creativeness and hands of Lehna Edwall, the craftsmanship of the foundry who cast her, transport to Sigtuna and on to the Stockholm airport, flight to the other side of the world, carrying her for seven days through the Khumbu valley, taking her to the summit of Khalapatar she finally reached her home. It has taken two years of planning from the first time I heard of the Unitehope project. And suddenly she’s there! Do I have to tell you it’s a magical moment? After having to work for nearly two hours to get her in the right sport the rest of the team went down since they were getting cold and hungry. Khalapatar, which normally is a very busy peak with a lot of trekkers wanting to enjoy the view of Mt. Everest, was suddenly empty. It was just me and Hope. I sat down next to her watching the highest peak on earth and just felt. This may sound very strange to some of you but I could suddenly feel energies flowing back and forth between Hope and Everest, called Choumolungma – Mother Goddess of Earth in Tibetan language. It was as if they where communicating. At mine and Hopes feet, far down the valley, we could see the Everest Base Camp. Full of activity. More than 30 expeditions preparing to climb Everest. Don’t believe everything you read in the papers, the expeditions, consisting of many nationalities, are helping each other, Lending gear, rescuing people in trouble from other expeditions and so on. They all have one common goal, to climb Everest and they are working together to do it. Isn’t this what it should all be about? All of mankind working together for a common goal! Despite borders, different languages, differences in skin colour and, alas, different religions

It was as if Hope and Everest made an agreement. Everest said-ok Hope now you are here. I will keep bringing different kinds of people here and let the climb me and you will broadcast the message of love, understanding, and peace via your network of Hope sisters spread around the world. To me it was one of the most strong and emotional moments of my life and it was for real. I’m NOT making this up. The feeling and energy was there, I could touch it. I cried tears of joy and love and didn’t want to leave her. When I finally after nearly 30 minutes alone with Hope on the summit had to leave and kissed her goodbye on her little beautiful head it was as if she said. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Me and Mother Goddess of Earth will do our job to get people to understand”. I cried all the way down! To my team members, Lena, Greger, Rolle, Per-Ivar, Dawa, Kami and our truly admirable porters who carried Hope all the time I just want to say - Thank you! Thank you for being there with me, thank you for all you efforts to make this become real. I will always love you because of this!