May 05, 2008 -One and a half hours trek took us to today’s destination, Lobuche...

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Dingboche – Lobuche (4950m)

After breakfast we started of today’s trek in a pleasant tempo in a pleasant landscape. The trail ascends in a nice gentle way which feels good after some days of rather steep climbing. However, after lunch at Dughla we had to man oeuvre a steep slope which took almost an hour to ascend. At the top is a memorial site for climbers lost on Everest. There is a very special feeling with the place and we stopped for a while just to take it in.

Another one and a half hours trek took us to today’s destination, Lobuche. A small, rather dirty, settlement where we pitched our tents together with our dining tent which we are going to use instead of eating inside lodges. A certain excitement is definitely building up in the team. We have now entered the valley that leads to two of our goals for the expedition. We are only half a day’s trek away from the place where we are going to place the angel and another days trek from Everest base camp. Although the day has been partly cloudy we have had glimpses of some of the highest peaks on earth. Truly a breath taking sight. Talking about breath taking – We are

now at 5000m. The air at this altitude contains only 50% of the oxygen at sea level. Everything you do make you gasp for air. Walking too quickly, unpacking your bag in the tent, turning to the other side when sleeping.

Some in the team has experienced waking up in the middle of the night feeling they are being suffocated. Not a nice experience but not dangerous or uncommon. However, we have stuck religiously to our acclimatization plan and thanks to that we have only had minor symptoms of altitude sickness like a touch of head ache. Nothing to worry about and quite normal. We are closely monitoring everyone’s health status. Every morning I fill in a medical sheet for each person in the team with pulse and a rating of all of the five symptoms of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). In that way we always know how everybody is feeling and have very good chance to detect

AMS at an early and not dangerous stage. But so far no one has had any symptoms closely to being dangerous.

Tomorrow we proceed to Gorak Shep. Above Gorak Shep towers Kala Pathar where Hope is going to be placed on Wednesday morning.