May 04, 2008 - Dingboche (4350.) – Nagartsang Peak (5083) - Dingboche

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Dingboche (4350.) – Nagartsang Peak (5083) - Dingboche

Today was an acclimatization day. To prepare our bodies for higher altitude we climbed the Nagartsang Peak (5083m). It was a tough climb with more than 750 vertical meters to climb but we all reached the 5000meter plus altitude which is somewhat magical since there are only a few places outside the Himalayas you can actually go above 5000m. For Lena, Greger and Rolle it was the first time above 5000m

When we came after 4 hours hard work we where met by a well recovered Per-Ivar who had caught up with us. We all felt a great relief and joy to see him again and we are very happy to once more be a complete team. Per-Ivar had spent yesterday sleeping and recovering from the severe stomach disorder he had suffered and although feeling a bit week was quite himself and ready to continue the expedition. After an excellent lunch, as always, we all crept in to our tents and just relaxed.

The weather has followed the same pattern the last few days. Very nice in the morning but turning foul around lunch with wind and clouds. Yesterday and today we have also had rain and snowfall in the afternoon. The tent is then a perfect retreat and rather cosy. Tomorrow we continue to Lobuche and are now getting into the valley that leads to Everest Base Camp and Khalapatar where the angel is going to be placed.