May 03, 2008 - This is hard both physically and mentally...

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Dewoche (3770m) – Dingboche (4350m)

Today’s trek started off rather poorly. Per-Ivar had suffered from stomach problems all night and it continued during the first part of the trek. At the village Pangboche we had to take the decision to leave him with a guide at a lodge so he could recover and catch up with us tomorrow. The good news is that the problems most likely are not caused by the altitude but rather from last night’s dinner. Per-Ivars stomach didn’t quite agree with the large amount of garlic put in the food. That probably means that he will be ok to continue tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.

All went well during the trek and it wasn’t too hard although the ever increasing altitude makes every slope more and more strenuous. Altogether we made some 670m today. This number of course doesn’t match up with the altitude differences between start and end of the trek above but it’s a net sum. Unfortunately we keep loosing altitude every now and then which has to be taken back plus the actual ascent we have to make to reach the end goal of the day. This is hard both physically and mentally.

When we reached Dingboche it started to snow! We quickly took cover at a lodge where the friendly family lit the fire to keep us warm. It’s starting to get cold and we had minus degrees last night and will have more so this night. Tomorrow we stay at Dingboche for acclimatization and to give Per-Ivar a chance to catch up with us.