May 02, 2008 - Today’s Trek started nice and easy...

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Namche Bazar (3500m) - Dewoche (3770m)

Today’s Trek started nice and easy. After yesterdays acclimatization trip it was a walk in the park. Unfortunately it meant loosing quite a few altitude meters which we had to take back again going up the steep and long hill to Tengboche. However today we could see the result of yesterday’s hard work and although the ascent was nearly seven hundred meters it felt rather easy. In Tengboche we visited the famous monastery and even got the opportunity to participate as the monks held their ritual and daily chanting; a peaceful and memorable moment.

We then descended some 120 meters to Debouche where our excellent crew from Peak Promotion had already pitched our tents. Here we got our first, hard, reminder that high altitude is no child’s play and should be treated with utmost care.


An elderly Japanese woman was sick because of the high altitude and had to be treated with oxygen and then helicopter rescued in front of our eyes. Unfortunately not a too uncommon sight up here but always scary the first time you see it. The three “rookies” in the group was rather taken by the scene. Our team feels great though. Thanks to the acclimatization and slow walking pace our bodies are responding perfectly and no one has any symptoms what so ever caused by the altitude. They all look very strong. Gregers glasses broke but Rolle turned out to be an expert in mending glasses.

Tonight our first night in tents and it actually feels great. There is a certain felling of freedom staying in a tent. Hopefully all in the team will agree with me...