April 30, 2008 - Hot tea plus hot water for washing brought to us by our guides...

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Phakding (2600m)-Namche Bazar (3400)
Wake up call at 6am. Hot tea plus hot water for washing brought to us by our guides. Then a quick breakfast and away. To lunch a rather nice and easy trek. However, after lunch a totally different story. From 2800m you must climb up to more than 3400m via a really steep slope which takes 1,5-2 hours to climb. It’s important that you walk real slow and don’t push it because now the altitude really comes into play. The body is starting to get affected by the altitude and you risk catching altitude sickness if you’re not careful to let the body acclimatize slowly to the higher altitude. Everybody in the team did a splendid job defeating the infamous slope and we reached Namche Bazar around 3pm. After checking in to the Khumbu Lodge Hotel we had a quick cup of tea and then climbed another 125m, stayed there for half an hour, and then went back down to the hotel again. This may sound silly but it’s part of the routine to help the body acclimatize. By letting the body get to a higher altitude and then go back down again you minimize the risk of getting sick. After our little acclimatization trip we had the luxury of enjoying a hot shower. Better enjoy it now because after we leave Namche it will be some two and a half weeks before we get another chance. Now dinner. Tomorrow we stay in Namche as part of the acclimatization. Everybody is ok and sends regards and love to family and friends.