12 May , 2008: Fly to Kathmandu...

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Lukla to Kathmandu

Woke up to pouring rain. But after breakfast the sun came out and the rather small airport became busy with planes going in shuttletraffic to kathmandu.

The runway is only about 300 meters long so taking off was an experience. After about 30 minutes in the air we touched down in civilization again. Ram was there to meet us and drove us to the Yak and Yeti Hotel.

In the evening we met up with the other Swedish Island Peak team, our guide Ngima, and some of the staff at Peak Promotion and went out to dinner at the Rum Doodle restaurant, famous hang-out for climbers and expeditions.


Our adventure is over for this time and we like to thank Peak Promotion for a truly magnificent experience. Also big thanks to our guide, Ngima, really great guy. We had a great time in Nepal and we will definitely come back!

Anders and Niklas