July 29, 2013- Departure

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July 29, 2013 - Departure

Epilogue:  Departure day is in progress.  Last minute gift buying and good-byes have been taking place, and bags are being packed.  Our last meeting was this AM with Mr. Om Rajbhandary discussing NAS and the new Global International hospital.  Jackie is the first to head to the airport; followed by Frank and Kim heading to the NAS offices to start a 3 day project of operations assessment and refresher training. The rest of us are finishing up last minute details and will be off for the airport ourselves soon.  All and all it has been a memorable trip to Nepal and a successful community health medical education project.  Still there is a lot to accomplish in the coming months and years but with the hospitality and support of everyone here in Nepal things are in motion. It’s encouraging to see that people here realize that education and training are key to the success of improving their healthcare system and not just new buildings and equipment.  To Wongchu and the entire Peak Promotion staff thank you for your amazing efforts to make this happen and all your friendship and support this past month.  No better trekking organization in all of Nepal.   Safe travels to everyone.   Until next time…

written byKelly Murphy