July 24, 2013- Trek back to Shivalaya

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July 24, 2013 - Trek back to Shivalaya


Compared to yesterday, nothing particularly interesting happened today. Rest assured that everyone on the team is doing well. Frank is feeling better, as evidenced by his additional helpings of food at lunch and dinner. Despite the rain and slippery road, no one fell. However, all the hiking is starting to take a toll on people’s legs. A few of us are waking up with sore thighs and calves, but only ONE MORE DAY!

Seeing that I was the one who wrote about Erin being stuck in the toilet the last time, it’s appropriate that I inform everyone on Andrew’s bathroom adventures today. We had lunch at the same place where we stopped for a hiking break when Erin had her bathroom mishap. Like brother like sister, Andrew went to the bathroom and also got stuck. This time, Wongchu saved the day and pushed open the door.

Lisa has been teaching Andrew Japanese for a few days now. For example, Andrew now knows how to say “I do not have diarrhea.” Frank pointed out that when Andrew struggles with remembering a phrase, Lisa looks like she is watching a car crash in slow motion.

Most importantly, only ONE MORE DAY of hiking! We should be back in Kathmandu soon so check your email, Facebook, Viber, etc. in two or three days for messages from us!

written byAlda

Oh, and Jackie wants me to tell everyone that dinner was absolutely delicious.