July 23, 2013- Trek to Bhandar

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July 23, 2013 - Trek to Bhandar

Number of survivors: 8

The day started out better than normal. The clear blue skies (and no rain) revealed the snowcapped mountains and the never ending forests covering the cascading valleys.  The sublime weather made the first half of our hike rather enjoyable. Then, things turned sour around Nam Kheli. When we were walking down the hill, Frank stepped on a slick mossy patch and fell backwards with his feet straight up in the air like a cartoon character slipping on a banana. As he braced for the fall, his left shoulder landed perfectly on an angular shaped rock, dislocating his shoulder. Then, Dr. Kelly, Wongchu, Phula, and Ngang Phuri worked together to shove his shoulder back in place. I’ve never seen someone try to pop someone’s shoulder back in place, but judging on the constant “F*****, Sh****t, F**k, F**k” and “Timeout, can I please have a break?”, I could tell it was beyond painful. Despite the constant cursing and agony, Frank somehow did make the whole situation a little more comical than a typical patient with a dislocated shoulder. First, while everyone was trying to pop his shoulder back in place, he ripped a few nasty farts because of the pain. Unfortunately for those who had to massage his shoulder or hold his arm up, there was no escape to the rancid smell released from Frank’s hind quarters. Even Andrew and Alda who were a few feet back could smell Frank’s farts.  Secondly, other than the swearing, he was a little sassy to those who were helping him. When Dr. Murphy told him that they were half way there, he screeched “you said that 15 minutes ago!!!”. Despite the whole direness of the situation, it would be Frank who would produce a few chuckles and grins for the onlookers.

In all honesty though, Frank handled the whole situation like a mature individual. He only took Advil when normally there would be stronger pain killers. And despite Kelly’s statements like “this normally doesn’t take this long”, he still managed to stay composed and positive. Afterwards, he even walked 2-3 hours to Bhandar in a makeshift sling (made by Kim and Andrew). And he received special treatment afterwards. He didn’t have to carry his backpack. He was personally escorted through the rest of the hike by Wongchu. Everyone was extra nice to him and he ended the day with a back massage.

Despite Frank’s injury, there were good things that happened throughout the day. Lisa, Andrew, Alda, and I tried Nepalese sugar cane! It was delicious but Wongchu swears we will get “kuru kuru”. Then, at base camp, Lisa and I observed the cooks make our dinner. We learned that chicken curry = Ginger garlic onion turmeric coriander crushed tomato pepper salt and chicken. Anyways, I need to finish this blog up because it’s almost 10 pm aka wayyy past bedtime. But as a gift from Wongchu, we have 7 am wake up tomorrow! Yayayay!!!

written by-Erin

P.S. We all miss everyone and we are all counting the days to see your beautiful faces again!