July 21, 2013- Trek to Rako Danda

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July 21, 2013 - Trek to Rako Danda

Number of survivors: 8

So apparently Kelly wrote about how I was given away to a 40 something year old woman. So mom I’m sorry, but I might not be able to return to the U.S. for quite some time. Also, dad you should be happy that I’ll finally be able to understand what it’s like to live on a farm and live a hard life. 

On a different note, we left Chyangba today, and the people gave us a going away ceremony. We got more of the good luck clothes and some people said a few words. Also, the weather during the morning was beautiful. The sun was shining and we could see great views of the other villages, and it would have been perfect weather for a helicopter. But it’s a good thing we didn’t choose to take a helicopter because if we had we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the good weather. However, after our lunch of potatoes, flat bread, spam, and salad (which was good as usual) the weather changed. Clouds moved in and from time to time it would sprinkle a little bit. Thinking more so the glass completely full (half water half air) we did manage to get to camp before it really started to pour down rain. 

While waiting for our tents to be set up and for our bags to arrive, Erin, Alda, Jackie, and Kim were singing Disney songs, but they averaged about five words per song(Except for Kim who knew a decent amount). Then they talked about harry potter, drama movies, love movies, and other. Afterwards most of us went to our tents, and some people talked, while others slept or relaxed. 

Mom and Dad I hope things are going well at home, and I know that Erin and I will have many stories to tell you. We look forward to seeing you guys in a week or so, and maybe we can impress you guys with our new Japanese words that Lisa taught us (I am only writing this because she is right next to me). Lisa wants to tell her parents that her hand is swollen from a spider bite. It reminds her of Italy, but do not worry she is okay and walking. Everyone else is doing well and we are excited for showers and flushing toilets.

written byAndrew