July 15, 2013- Khamding - Village Clinic

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July 15, 2013 - Khamding Village Clinic

Number of survivors: 8

After 10 days of wearing the same clothes (and one shower), I finally became so disgusted by my filth and decided that I needed to do more laundry. I tried to take on the duty myself and attempted to wash some shirts earlier, but I never fully grasped the difficulty of cleaning clothes without a washing machine (aka with a water basin) in the constantly changing Nepalese weather. So I caved into one of the many privileges of trekking with kitchen boys, sherpas, and porters.. FREE laundry service! I felt like a total priss not doing my own laundry.. And a lot guilty asking a stranger to wash my stinky clothes. Honestly, if it wouldn’t alarm him, I would give him a hug for enduring such a terrible task.

On to the more important things, we started off the day with Frank and Dr. Kelly checking and cleaning a child’s burn wound. He was super adorable so it was sad to hear and see him wail and scream as they pulled off the bandages that were stuck on his skin. But his hand will still work and it is getting better!!

After we hiked to Kamding for our third clinic. Since I can’t speak Nepali or Sherpa, my only responsibility is to check the pulses and O2 levels of the patients while the interpreter has to do the real work. Even with the language barrier, I can tell that people are getting restless and impatient. I feel bad for the interpreters who are with me (this time it was Phula’s wife) because they have to deal with all the angry “customers” while I just sit there utterly clueless. If they wanted an easier time, they should just let me “talk” with the angry patients. In the end, we are too understaffed for the number of patients, so tomorrow; we will be having another clinic. I feel bad for all the people who travelled to Kamding, waited for hours, and still were not seen by the doctors. Hopefully, they will come tomorrow though!

Besides the pizza, fried cauliflower, and cake, I have to highlight three parts of dinner tonight. First, Wongchu reminded us that accepting drinks from strangers will have severe consequences. Then, my favorite part was when Andrew and FRANK bickering with each other. I am glad that somebody has finally replaced me as the “mean” older sister. Truthfully, Andrew loses most of the battles. After the constant put downs and Andrew having no comebacks, my little brother ended the day with some of his dignity. Frank: “Somebody should check Andrew for a brain damage.” Andrew: “Somebody should check Frank for a heart!” One point for Andrew. Last, after Lisa and Dr. Kelly wrapped a kitchen worker’s trench foot, Lisa saw him today without any of the bandages. And when he came in to get his feet rebandaged, he had these makeshift wraps on the tops of his feet as if he were attempting to trick the doctors and pre med students. It was hilarious. Then, Wongchu threatened to cut off his feet.

The 9 pm bedtime is coming up so good night everyone! I know for a fact everyone misses all their family, friends, and small luxuries like ice cream, flushing toilets, beds, no bugs, etc. of our American lifestyles. By the way, Andrew and I are still like two peas in a pod :)

written byErin