July 13, 2013- Chyangba Village

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July 13, 2013 - Chyangba Village

2nd day at Chyangba

Number of survivors 8! :)

So first of all I want to apologize for my first blog which was lacking in many things. Hopefully this next blog of mine will have more and better sustenance.

Today was the first day of our clinic at Chyangba, and we started it great. Most of our group got sick, including our only doctor, before we even started the clinic! (Don’t worry mom Erin and I are fine). But during the clinic hours I think that everyone who was giving physical exams did awesome. And Dr. Kelly and the others helped a lot of people.

The first patient that arrived was a three year old boy and his father. The boy burned his hand and arm in boiling water six days earlier. Frank took care of the kid, which was probably best because he has the most medical experience other than Dr. Murphy. Seeing Frank work was a new sight for me and very interesting. Other injuries/illnesses included an infected toe, chronic pain, lice, alcoholism, warts, fungal rashes, cavities, eye problems, one guy might have testicular cancer (which is very sad), and some others that I cannot remember. Hopefully most of the people we saw benefited from the medical students’ work, and that we can provide a good influence for local people to carry on medical services.
My job during the day was fairly easy compared to everyone else(probably because I’m a high school student, but I bet I can replace Dr. Kelly. I was basically everyone’s errand boy, and I fetched all of the medicine that would be given to the patients, and put the tablets or elixirs into bottles. As a joke I liked to think of myself as the Chyangba pharmacist/drug lord (but not illegal drugs of course).  Also, throughout the day I was able to learn a lot about medicine and medical terms/education.

Also, many people probably already know this, but the food is still amazing! For breakfast we got omelets and toast, which was really good because I put nutella, peanut butter, and jelly on my toast. Then for lunch we had spam, flat bread stuff, tomatoes, lentil soup and all of them were amazingly good. As good as the first two meals were, dinner and dessert were by far the best meals yet. We had steak, potatoes, vegetables, and soup which after all of these days tasted absolutely, positively, mind numbingly, pure awesomeness. And then for dessert we had fried bananas, and those were actually a first for me, and they rocked.

For all our family and friends back home, we are all doing well and having fun. We have all become a sort of family, according to Frank, but if we are a family then I don’t get why I can’t call Lisa kaasan (sorry mom if you get jealous)? Also, mom, you don’t have to worry about Erin and me because we are getting along quite dandily. So please for the sake of us and probably dad, stop worry about your kids, since we are old enough to take care of ourselves, and we are with the perfect group if anything does go wrong. Remember we are with a group of medical students and an ER doctor.
I hope this blog was a lot better than my last one, even though it’s not quite as long as most of the others. 

written byAndrew