July 7, 2013- Trek to Bhandar

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July 7, 2013 - Trek to Bhandar

6 am. I wake up and it’s pour now you shut up. ing rain outside, but we are greeted as always with a cup of hot tea. This morning, I was more motivated to pack on time, because I want to avoid my brother’s wrath since lately, I have been hearing the phrases “You’re annoying. Shut up.” and “You make my life so difficult.” As I am cramming my stuff back into my bag, I can feel his words “Stop taking everything out. It would be easier if you didn’t.” pierce into the back of my mind. Yeah yeah yeah. Sorry I’m not an eagle scout. But just to prove that I’m not just a prissy little girl on her first camping trip, I furiously pack away. Done! Now you shut up.

As I walk out in the pouring rain for breakfast, the sherpas pack all the tents, mattresses, luggage, etc. and by 8ish, we begin our hike. It’s a pretty steep climb at first, but we are going at a manageable place. When the sky is clear enough and I’m not too preoccupied with my foot placement of the potentially slippery underbrush, I admire the absolutely gorgeous view. The clouds roll across sections of the vast, lush, green hillsides sprinkled with Nepali homes. Unfortunately, today was an especially difficult to admire the landscape because of the on and off rain showers.

I realized a prominent feature of rain is leeches! I swear at least half our group encountered a few leeches. These creatures have this amazing ability to strongly attach to anything they touch. During our snack break, Andrew, Kim, and Jackie found leeches attached to their clothing. Talk about disgusting. 

When we reached our lunch spot, there were three shy but curious kids (2 boys and 1 girl) hanging around the room we were in. Unlike almost every child along our path, we handed them a pen AND a jolly rancher. After we had stayed there for awhile, the girl gained enough courage to linger by the edge of the benches. With her big adorable brown eyes and cute little smile, already, she was a favorite among many at the table. But she had the nastiest booger nose ever. Everyone was urging me to help blow her nose for her, but I refused. I am not about to get some nasty germs on my hands and then get sick. Fortunately, Lisa was willing to reach across me and wipe off the boogers from the little girl’s nose, but my inaction tainted my reliability as the leader of the children’s program. Hence, the making fun of Erin ensued. Whatever. She loved me in the end since she laughed every time she saw me. Did she do that for any of you guys? I think not.

Anyways the trekking continued. Lisa teaching Andrew and I Japanese. Kim singing only one word of every song. Jackie always being positive. Frank being not comforting at all. Alda verbally asking “Are we there yet?” when I was thinking the exact same thing. Kelly providing his doctor knowledge. Andrew pointing out every leech he sees. 

Anyways, after being drenched in a mixture of sweat and rain, we all made it here safe and sound. I know that I will for sure be sore tomorrow.

Overall summary, mom, I am alive with no injuries and without showering in two days. Andrew and I haven’t killed each other yet, so you can breathe now. Shout out to the parents! We are all alive and love you!!

written byErin

HIking Day

HIking Day


Buddhist stupa and monastery in Bhandar

Buddhist stupa  and monastery in Bhandar


Arriving Bhandar

Arriving Bhandar