July 5, 2013- Drive to Jiri

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July 5, 2013 - Drive to Jiri

Yesterday we celebrated 4th of July by going to NAS which is the ambulance service for Nepal and then later we also visited one of the hospitals in Nepal. Even though I am only a high school student, I still thought that the visits to these facilities were interesting. Also, I thought it was funny when some guy creepily winked at Jackie during one of our meetings. For dinner we went to Pizza Hut with the EMT’s, which was fun I guess, but they didn’t have any chicken which was a major buzz kill. 

Today we drove to Jiri which was not fun because I was sitting in the back and felt every bump. But it was funny hearing Frank and Dr. Murphy freak out Alda because of our first “mound” that we will have to climb. 

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at NAS
at NAS