Daily Dispatches

Title: Dick Morse - Lhotse Expedition 2012

25th May, 2012 - Camp II to EBC

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25th May, 2012 - Camp II (21,000 ft.) to EBC (17,500 ft.)

It was clear again this morning, fairly cold and almost no wind.  We got up at 5 AM, ate breakfast and had tea.  By 6 AM I headed down towards EBC.  Lakpa and Pasang packed up and followed.  Lakpa caught up with me near Camp I.  We descended together to near EBC where one of the EBC kitchen helpers met us with coke and watermelon.  Both were great and then he took my pack on to EBC for me.  That is one of the many little things that Peak Promotion staff do for you on climbs that is really appreciated.  My pack wasn’t terribly heavy, but I was tired after a long summit day and short rest last night.  We all got to EBC by 10 AM.  Thirty two hours before we had left Camp IV on our way to the summit of Lhotse.

Back at EBC I changed clothes and packed up all my climbing gear and clothing.  By noon I climbed aboard a helicopter to Lukla with Lakpa, Wonchu (Chairman & co-owner of Peak Promotion) and (EBC manager for Peak Promotion).  We landed in Lukla just before 1 PM.  No regular flight to Kathmandu was available and there had only been two flights that came in from Kathmandu this morning due to inclement weather.   The previous day had no flights also due to inclement weather.  After some discussions with several pilots we worked out a deal for a another helicopter flight on to Kathmandu.  By 3 PM I was back in Kathmandu.  In just 35 hours I had started my summit climb from Camp IV to the summit of Lhotse and was now back in Kathmandu.

I got checked into the Yak & Yeti hotel, got a cold beer and into the shower.  After cleaning up I started sorting gear to pack up for the flight home.  In the evening I joined the WMS climbers for dinner at the Rum Doodle.  With my Everest Summiteers’ card (from Rum Doodle) my dinner was free.  A special thanks to Peak Promotion for taking care of my drinks (not that I had very many?).  Bob Stephens (WMS climber) summited Everest and now is also a member of the Everest Summiteers (from Rum Doodle).

After dinner I was back to my room to finish packing.  By 3 AM I was done and could finally get some sleep.