Daily Dispatches

Title: Dick Morse - Lhotse Expedition 2012

21st May, 2012 - Camp II

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21st May, 2012 - Camp II (21,000 ft.)

This is a rest day at Camp II.  It was clear and cold this morning with a very light breeze.  Higher up on the South face of Everest and on the Lhotse face the wind was blowing pretty hard.  Spindrift could be seen blowing down across the Yellow Band and Camp III.

By 8:30 AM the Indian and WMS climbers headed down to EBC.  Our camp was now very quiet.  The remaining cook and helpers began cleaning up the dinning tent and kitchen.  They also started packing up most of the sleeping tents since only Lakpa and I were still in Camp II.

Yesterday there were four climbers flown out from Camp II due to frostbite and four more were flown out this morning.  In addition there was talk last night about four confirmed deaths on Everest all from the crowded climbing on the 19th.  Information is not always accurate, but after talking with the Indian and WMS climbers it was clear that climbers on Everest on the 19th had a very difficult time.

Lakpa relaxing at Camp II

Lakpa relaxing at Camp II