Daily Dispatches

Title: Dick Morse - Lhotse Expedition 2012

15th May, 2012 - Day 19 at EBC

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15th May, 2012 - Day 19 at EBC (17,500 ft.)

It was clear and quite windy this morning.  I am feeling much better and slept well last night.  After breakfast I will walk down to Gorak Shep to check my email.

I started walking down at 9:30 AM and got to Gorak Shep just before 11 AM.  I checked my email and tried to down load a local PA paper, but my N cell internet ran out of time.  At least I got my email caught up.  Before I finished Pasang arrived at the Lodge.  He had been climbing with Chet on Lobuche East this morning.  Chet had gotten to about 19,500 ft. when he decided to turn back.  They went back down to their high camp, packed up and then back down to the main trail.  Chet had another Sherpa (Pemba) that continued on down with him to Pheriche today and then on back to Kathmandu in a couple more days.  Pasang was then heading back up to EBC when we met up at Gorak Shep.  He will be climbing Lhotse with me and Lakpa.  After Pasang had some lunch we headed back up the trail to EBC.  It took about 1 ½ hours to get back to EBC.

Fortunately when we got back to EBC I was able to get some lunch.  I am eating much better today.  After lunch I started laying out gear to pack up a second duffel bag to go back to Kathmandu while I am climbing.  I also sorted out a few things that I need to take up with me on the 17th.

The Indian climbers and the WMS climbers were busy getting ready for their summit push tomorrow morning.  My schedule is one day behind them, so I should have no problem with tent and dining space at Camp II or III.  With a total of 16 climbers and their Sherpa’s both Camps will be tight on space for the WMS and Indian teams.

Yak on the trail down to Gorak Shep

   Yak on the trail down to Gorak Shep