Daily Dispatches

Title: Dick Morse - Lhotse Expedition 2012

14th May, 2012 - Day 18 at EBC

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14th May, 2012 - Day 18 at EBC (17,500 ft.)

Clear with light wind again this morning.  I managed to get the bug that has been going around base camp last night. I had chills most of the night and all the other problems that go with the local bug.  After a visit to the HRA doctor, some more antibiotics and a few hours rest I was starting to feel better.  Now I need to eat and rest to try and get as much strength back as possible.  At least I have two more days.

I talked with my climbing Sherpa Lakpa when he got back to EBC and got caught up on the progress of our route on Lhotse.  He was up at our high camp yesterday and along with help from a Sherpa with Alpine Ascents got fixed line put in up to our high camp.  He also got a tent and oxygen carried up to our high camp.  It was also verified that the route above our high camp on Lhotse will be fixed (fixed line) on the 17th.  Our plan to start up to Camp II on the 17th is still good.

By dinner time I was able to eat some soup and kept it down.   I should feel much better tomorrow.