28 March 2007, We’re still in Jomsom.

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We’re still in Jomsom, no flights left today or yesterday due to high winds. Last night the wind picked up and continued through the morning. Flights into Jomsom are only scheduled early in the morning so we got word at about 9 AM that they were cancelled. Maybe tomorrow!

However, the upstairs eating room in the hotel is very nice - great views out the windows and comfortable areas to eat and read. We hooked up the laptop and satellite transmitter so that we had internet access all day. We were able to set up different software to send photos to Peak Promotions that should make that part of the web cast much better. We were also able to catch up on our email’s and generally catch up on the world outside of the Mustang area in Nepal



Groups on Hindus still gathered to ride the tractor pulled carts to Kagbeni for the on-going festival. Tempers flared at times as too many wanted in a cart that was already overflowing. Angry voices and vigorous finger waving followed but in the end all the faithful moved up the Kaligandaki pursuing their pilgrimage.



We sorted out our laundry and the hotel staff our clothes in the yard behind the hotel and hung them out to dry on a combination of clothes line and bushes around the back of the hotel. The winds continued to blow (good for clothes drying / bad for flying). We hope to get a break with the wind and head to Pokhara tomorrow and on to Kathmandu the next day. It has been a nice, relaxing day but we would like to stay on schedule for our trip on to Tibet (Cho Oyo & Everest climbs).