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Title: Dick Morse - Lhotse Expedition 2012

11th May, 2012 - Day 15 at Everest Base Camp

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11th May, 2012 - EBC (17,500 ft.)

Having gone to bed pretty early last night resulted in waking up pretty early this morning.  I was up by 6 AM and headed down to the dining tent for some tea.  It was clear this morning and calm.  The snow from yesterday melted quickly around EBC.  Chet and I had breakfast and then I got the kitchen helpers to get me hot water, so I could wash some clothes.  After hanging my wash up to dry I got some of my electronics (MP3 player, Goal Zero speaker, and Kindle) plugged into my solar panels, so they could get charged back up.  I had downloaded a couple newspapers to my laptop in Gorak Shep (from Amazon).  Once charged back up I will transfer the papers from my laptop to my Kindle, so I can catch up a bit on news back home.  My 3G on my Kindle will not work in Nepal, so I can only get current papers when I have a good internet signal.  Unfortunately the nearest internet is down at Gorak Shep.

Later in the morning my climbing Sherpa Lakpa and I got caught up on the status of our route up Lhotse.  The news was not great.  The rout to Everest Camp IV has just been finished and Sherpa’s are carrying loads up there, but nothing has been done on the route to Lhotse Camp IV.  At this time it looks like the earliest summit bid for Lhotse may not be until May 21st.  My flight home is scheduled for May 26th.  That schedule is very tight and leaves no extra time for a delay.  I will just have to wait and see if things can be moved up a day or two.
Before diner time most of my laundry was dry and I was able to fold up much of it and get it put away.  Usually it takes a couple days plus a little time hung up inside the tent to get completely dry.  Thank goodness for a sunny day!

View from our dining tent at EBC up the Icefall

View from our dining tent at EBC up the Icefall