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Title: Dick Morse - Lhotse Expedition 2012

10th May, 2012 - Lobuche to EBC

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10th May, 2012 - Lobuche (16,175 ft.) to EBC (17,500 ft.)

Chet and I had breakfast and then started the hike up to EBC.  We left around 8:30 AM and slowly walked up the trail towards Gorak Shep.  The weather was clear and very little wind.  The trail climbs slowly along the Khumbu moraine until a short steeper section climbs up on to the end of the Lobuche glacier, where it meets the Khumbu glacier.  Once on the Lobuche glacier the trail slowly climbs up through very rocky terrain (small ups and downs) to Gorak Shep.

At Gorak Shep we stopped for some hot drinks before continuing on our way to EBC.  By the time we left Gorak Shep it was snowing, but still very little wind.  This was Chet’s first time at this altitude (on this trip) and he was feeling the altitude a bit.  He moved up slowly, but at a steady pace.  The snow stopped after about an hour out of Gorak Shep.  We got to EBS at 2:30 PM and were met with hot drinks.  After relaxing in our dining tent for a short time we had lunch and then moved into our sleeping tents.  The rest of the day was spent settling in and getting some rest.  I was happy to get back to EBC and start preparing for a summit push, hopefully soon.  For Chet the afternoon helped him get over his headache.  By dinner time Chet was feeling much better and we enjoyed a very good dinner (Chicken Sizzlers).   There were a few more snow showers after dinner.

View out my room window at Lobuche

View out my room window at Lobuche