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Title: Dick Morse - Lhotse Expedition 2012

9th May, 2012 - Pheriche to Lobuche

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9th May, 2012 - Pheriche (13,911 ft.) to Lobuche (16,175 ft.)

There was a light snowfall overnight, but it was mostly clear this morning with very little wind.  For Pheriche light wind is fairly unusual, even in the morning.  I was up at 6 AM and down for tea in the lodge dining room by 6:30 AM.  Chet came down shortly after I did and we were through with breakfast by 7 AM.  After last minute checks of email we were ready to leave at 7:30 AM.

Our pace today was slow, but steady set by Chet.  The light snow melted quickly as the sun hit the broad valley above Pheriche.  The result was that a stretch of trail that is often a bit muddy was even more so.  By the time we reached the first climb at the head of the valley the trail had dried out quite a bit.  We arrived at Lobuche shortly after lunch time.  Fortunately we were able to order lunch and had plenty to eat.  I am feeling pretty good even though I am still on an antibiotic (Septra) and my appetite is good.
When we first got seated in our lodge for the night we noticed a nak out in front of the lodge that had just delivered a calf.  The lodge owner said the nak delivered about ½ hour before we arrived.

Tomorrow morning Chet and I will hike on up to EBC.  After a few days Chet will come back to Lobuche to climb the trekking peak Lobuche East.  I will remain at EBC waiting for a weather window to climb Lhotse.

Nak and new born calf

Nak and new born calf