Daily Dispatches

Title: Dick Morse - Lhotse Expedition 2012

8th May, 2012 - Pheriche

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8th May, 2012 - Pheriche (13,911 ft.)

Today is a real rest day compared to EBC.  The air down here actually seems thick and my Khumbu cough is much less of a problem here.  My appetite is also better and food tastes much better.  I am using this day to catch up on my emails and this blog.  I had hoped to be able to stay up with email while at base camp, but the phone connection is not good enough to get and stay connected at base camp.  Fortunately here at Pheriche there is reasonably in expensive internet available so I am trying to make the most of it.

Back at EBC I will continue to try to keep up with my blog when at base camp.  Above base camp I don’t have a way to send updates so I write daily notes and then type them up on a laptop when I get back to EBC and have one of the Peak Promotion folks send them from Gorak Shep every few days.
Tomorrow I will go up to Lobuche with Chet and then on to EBC the following day (May 10th).