Daily Dispatches

Title: Dick Morse - Lhotse Expedition 2012

7th May, 2012 - EBC to Pheriche

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7th May, 2012 - EBC (17,500 ft.) to Pheriche (13,911 ft.)

After breakfast I finished packing and headed down from EBC at 10 AM.  I had another bout with the traveler’s special last night, but was able to put a halt to it quickly with good old Septra.  Last night I was not too sure about the walk down to Pheriche this morning, but this morning was much better other than not much sleep during the night.

The walk down to Pheriche took 5 hours and I arrived at 3 PM.  Chet was already in the Lodge dining room so we caught up quickly over lunch.  In the evening I actually got to have a beer and Chet and I split a bottle of wine over dinner.  The WMS climbers were with us along with the three folks that were working with David Breashers at base camp.  Tomorrow all of them will head further down.  The folks working with David are on their way home.