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Title: Dick Morse - Lhotse Expedition 2012

4th May, 2012 - Camp II (21,000 ft.) to EBC

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4th May, 2012 - Camp II (21,000 ft.) to EBC (17,500 ft.)

This morning there was light wind, clear and cold.  About three inches of snow fell overnight.  I started getting ready to head down to EBC at 7 AM.  It probably seems silly that I would need 1 hour to get ready for breakfast and leaving.  Consider that first I put on sun cream that was kept warm in my sleeping bag, pack up items that will go down to EBC with me, than out of my tent for normal duties.  I am back in my tent by 7:30 AM.  Then I tighten up my almost warmed up boots, put on my harness, zip up my tent and walk over to the dinning tent by 8 AM.  The further up the mountain you go this process actually becomes longer due to colder temperatures and more difficulty maintaining your breath.

After breakfast Lakpa and I head down from Camp II to EBC.  With the sun on us it is a beautiful morning in the western cum.  We were on our way before 9 AM and there were already a few wispy clouds on the higher peaks around us.  Just before Camp I we stopped so I could shed a layer of clothes.  We stopped again just below Camp I so I could get out a helmet mounted video camera.  The camera (GoPro HD Hero) was loaned to me by Ram, a friend in Kathmandu.  I tried this camera when we were climbing the Lhotse Face to Camp II two days ago.  It was probably terribly slow so I decided to try filming a descent through the Icefall.  I turned on the camera, put on the helmet and we headed dawn again.

We had no problems on the descent and arrived at EBC at noon.  Another large 
WMS trekking group was at our base camp so lunch was with the HRA in their dinning tent.  After lunch I put my gear away and hung up clothing.  Snow started around 2 PM, so I took some quiet time in my tent.
Since my acclimatization climbs to Camp II and III are now finished I need to plan the next week or so.  I should know where my friend Chet is later today or tomorrow.  I will try to go down to meet him possibly in Pheriche.  There is no specific date for my summit push yet.

WMS climbers in our dinning tent at Camp II

WMS climbers in our dinning tent at Camp II