27 March 2007, Above the river to Jomsom.

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The wind started during the night and was blowing gently as we prepared to leave Kagbeni for a short walk just above the river to Jomsom. It would be where Ngima and the porters would leave us as they walked farther on down river where they would take a bus back to Kathmandu. We will be taking a plane from Jomsom to Pokhara tomorrow if the winds are cooperative


We arrive in Jomsom at 10 AM, got rooms and cleaned up. After lunch we spent several hours visiting the Eco Museum of Mustang located in Jomsom. There was information on crops and animals raised in the various areas of Mustang. There was also a great deal of information on the geology of the area uses of herbs and a monastery. We shopped for a few snacks on the way back to the hotel and relaxed for a couple hours before dinner. We ended the day in hopes of light winds for tomorrow morning that would allow us to fly to Pokhara.