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Title: Dick Morse - Lhotse Expedition 2012

28th April, 2012 - Day 10 at EBC (17,500 ft.)

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Lhotse Expedition

28th April, 2012 - Day 10 at EBC (17,500 ft)

It was clear again this morning with a light breeze.  After breakfast I sorted the gear in my storage tent.  I Iaid out my clothing and gear that still need to be carried up to Camp II for climbing Lhotse.  I also wanted to get all of my clothing and gear organized this morning.  After lunch I will empty out my tent so that I can re-level it.  Since base camp is on a glacier things that were once level melt down and can get crooked.  The ice under my tent has melted along the sides so that the entry is now several inches lower and the head room was also lower inside.  With some luck I won’t have to do this again before heading home.

After lunch I emptied out my tent and before I could get it moved – Lakpa, Mingmar and one of the cook helpers showed up with shovels and a pick.  I actually got to do little of the work.  They had the site re-leveled and several drainage problems fixed in about 30 minutes.  All was done and the tent set back up in far less time than it would have taken me by myself.  They even helped me get my clothing and gear back in my tent.  After they left I spent the next hour or so putting everything back in its place.  It’s almost better than a shower to have the tent cleaned up and organized.  Heading back up to Camp II in a couple days also raises the importance of knowing where all my gear and clothing is.

After dinner I headed back to my tent and watched a movie.

My laundry drying near my tents (on the right)

My laundry drying near my tents (on the right)