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Title: Dick Morse - Lhotse Expedition 2012

25th April, 2012 - Camp II to EBC

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Lhotse Expedition

25th April, 2012 - Camp II (21,000 ft.) to EBC (17,500 ft.)

Lakpa and I got up when the sun hit camp a little after 8 AM.  We headed down after 9 AM.  I was feeling better and we made pretty good time down to Camp I.

Just below Camp I we were held up by an avalanche that took out a large section of fixed lines and ladder bridges.  The avalanche occurred about 30 minutes before we got there and there were already about forty Sherpa’s waiting.  Two of the Ice Doctors (Sherpa’s that only work on the route through the Icefall) were trying to figure out what to do about the route.  After about 20 minutes Lakpa asked me if I wanted to go on down.  Within minutes we were moving down as fast as we could through a jumble of Ice blocks and some rocks.  Right after we headed down many of the Sherpa’s waiting also followed.  Many moved quickly by me in their race to avoid another avalanche.  We were back at EBC just after noon.

Now a few more rest days at EBC.  There is little need to go back up to Camp II until fixed line is completed up to Camp III.  That will be at least 3 or 4 days.  There is also some stormy weather forecast for the next few days.

Sherpa carrying a load just above Camp I

Sherpa carrying a load just above Camp I