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Title: Dick Morse - Lhotse Expedition 2012

24th April, 2012 - Camp II

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Lhotse Expedition

24th April, 2012 - Camp II (21,000 ft.)

Clear and breezy with hot tea delivered to my tent at 8 AM.  Shortly after the sun hit my tent and it warmed up inside quickly.  I felt pretty good this morning considering how bad I did yesterday.  I packed up my makeshift mattress and tidied things up inside my tent.  After all, this will be my second most used home (tent) on this climb.

The dinning tent had been blown down a couple days ago so Lakpa and the two cooks worked to set up another dinning tent this morning.  I got dressed and headed out for some more tea and pancakes.  Today it would be just me, Lakpa, the two cooks (Mingma and Karma) and a couple other Sherpa’s helping get Camp II set up and supplied.

Lakpa located a pad for me to use tonight – no make shift pad needed.  I will take my deflated pad back to EBC to repair there.  I took a short walk around Camp II going part way up to where the fixed line will start on the Lhotse Face.  I got back for lunch and Chris with the WMS climbers was already in camp.  Chris made very good time up from EBC.  The other three climbers arrived over the next 3 hours.  Dinner tonight was with all 4 of the WMS climbers.  Lakpa and I will go back to EBC in the morning.

Camp II

Camp II