26 March 2007, Hike from Kagbeni to Muktinath.

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After another excellent breakfast we prepared for a hike from Kagbeni to Muktinath and back to Kagbeni. Last night we decided to stay in Kagbeni for two nights and just hike up to Muktinath instead of moving camp up there today. It gave the porters a break after several long days and shortened our final day hiking back to Jomsom from Kagbeni instead of from Muktinath back through Kagbeni


It happens that there is a Hindu festival in Kagbeni and compared to our first visit to Kagbeni twelve days ago, the town is quite crowded. The route to Muktinath passed through several small villages - Kinghar and Tharkot. We passed many people, mostly Hindu for Nepal and India on our hike to Muktinath. At Muktinath we visited a very sacred Hindu temple. We had lunch at the North Pole restaurant in Muktinath.

The hike covered about seven miles each way with an elevation gain of about 1200 meters. We covered the hike up to Muktinath in three hours and the return in only two hours. The return is always nice when it is all downhill and we are looking forward to the afternoon tea at four PM.


Tomorrow will be our last day on a wonderful thirteen day Mustang trek. The folks from Peak Promotion could not have done a better job of organizing and running the trek. The Sherpa’s (guides), cook and porters have all been great and have made a unique and wonderful trip even better.