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Title: Dick Morse - Lhotse Expedition 2012

2nd April, 2012 - Busy preparing for our departure in two days to Lukla.

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Lhotse Expedition

2nd April, 2012 - Today was very busy preparing for our departure in two days to Lukla.

Firstwe met with to review what we needed to get done today and then headed over to the Peak Promotion office to work out for our trek and climb.  called our Sherpa friend Mingmar’s wife, so that we could go visit her and Mingmar’s new daughter (10 months old).  When we went over to her house she had prepared an n excellent lunch.  We got to meet her mom, sister and older son.

After lunch we went back to our hotel to finish unpacking and start to sort our gear for our trek and my climb.  Peak Promotion brought over duffel bags for us to use on our trek and climb.

came back over to our hotel with a sim card and USB for my laptop, so we could make local calls and pretty cheap calls back to the US.  The Ncell USB will allow me to have internet coverage during much of our trek and hopefully at Base Camp during my climb.  also picked up the last few drugs that I wanted for our trek and climb.

At 6:30 PM friends from our 2007 trip to Nepal (Ram and his wife Sova) met us to go out to dinner.  We went to the only Mexican restaurant that I know of in Kathmandu and the food is quite good.  It was nice to catch up on what they have been doing.  He offered one of his mini movie cameras for us to use on our trek and me on my climb.  I have no experience with shooting video, so we will see how it goes.