20th April , 2012 - Rivers of Ice Exhibition at 5400 Meters – Everest Base Camp

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Rivers of Ice Exhibition at 5400 Meters – Everest Base Camp

The Glacier works exhibition Rivers of Ice: Vanishing glaciers of the greater Himalaya presents recent photographs of the “water towers of Asia” by mountaineer and photographer David Breashears alongside archival photographs taken over the past century by some of the world’s greatest mountain photographers. The comparison starkly reveals a dramatic loss of ice during the 20th century.

GlacierWorks says that, the mighty Himalayan glaciers are vanishing. The rate of recession is unprecedented and accelerating and cannot be halted without some remedy to the problem of climate change.the snow and ice stored within this vast arc of high-altitude glaciers are crucial sources of seasonal water to almost every major river system of Asia, from the Indus in the west to the Yellow in the east, with the Ganges, Bramhaputra and Yangtze Rivers in between.

GlacierWorks mission is to raise public awareness and to shape the government policy focused on mitigation and adaptation to the climate crisis, by showing concretely what is accurately happening to populations, livelihoods and echosystems in these inaccessible mountains. Its goal is to use the power of images to elevate a new generation to be more acutely aware of the problem of greatly diminished water supply across the Himalaya and High Asia.

GlacierWorks seeks to communicate the problem of climate change with stunning images that the public can clearly understand. The process of disseminating this information to the world at large involves several key elements: the publication of articles and books; media outreach via interviews on radio, television, the internet, social media and film; museum exhibitions; liaison with policy makers; lecture series; and the GlacierWorks website.

David Breashears : Executive Director, Photographer

David is an accomplished filmmaker, adventurer, author and mountaineer. He is senior fellow at the Asia Society Center on U.S.-China Relations. Since 1978, he has combined his skills in climbing and filmmaking to complete more than forty film projects. In 1985 he became the First American to reach the summit of Mount Everest twice. In the springs of 1996, David co-directed and co-produced the first IMAX film shot on Mount Everest, and in May 1997, he performed the first live audio webcast from the summit of Mount Everest for PBS science documentary series NOVA. In springs of 2004, David reached the summit of Mount Everest for the fifth time while shooting his film “Storm over Everest” He has received four National Emmy Awards for achievement in filmmaking. David has travelled throughout the mountains of High Asia. Since his first expedition in 1979.

Rivers of Ice Exhibition

Rivers of Ice Exhibition