18th - 19th April , 2012 - Camp II Touch

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team at Camp I

18th and 19th April 2012: Camp2 Touch

We started early morning at 6.00am for camp1. We were carrying overnight camping gear in our backpacks. We reached Camp1 at 10am. Afterwards we pitched tents. Soon the cold wind started flowing. We settled inside tents. Camp1 site is very dangerous and full of crevasses; hence we preferred to stay inside tents the rest of the day. We had early dinner at around 5.30pm and went a sleep at 6.00pm. We wanted to reach Camp2 early next day and get back to basecamp.

The night was very cold. Water vapors through our breathing condensed on the tent inner and soon formed frost of it. At morning this frost started falling on our sleeping bags. We got ready to move up for camp2(altitude 6300Mtr.) The route was through western cwm which is also called valley of silence. It was very important to reach camp2 early to protect ourselves from the radiations and heat. We all reached camp2 till 10.30am. From here the route till south col was clear: The Lohtse face, Camp3, Yellow band, Geneva spur, and the south col everything was clearly visible.

The route above camp 2 is not opened yet and the entire Lohtse face is untouched till now for this year. Activities are expected to start after 23rd April. After spending an hour at camp2 we returned for basecamp. Within an hour we descended till Camp1. Within half an hour we wound camp1. Hereafter we will not use this camp, rather we will directly attempt Camp2 from basecamp.

Descending through Khumbu is fun now. We are accustomed to the crevasses and the ladders. Still we had to be careful of the avalanche zone enroute. All reached the basecamp till 3.00pm. Now we will be off the mountain till 24th April.