23rd March , 2012 - The day began with the auspicious pooja of “Gudhi”

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23rd March , 2012 - The day began with the auspicious pooja of “Gudhi”.

Today is first day of New Year as per Indian calendar, and Hindus celebrate it by erecting auspicious flags on their houses on top of bamboo sticks, which is called as Gudhi. We celebrated the festival here in Kathmandu in traditional way. After the pooja team members exchanged warm hugs and wished good luck for the coming year.

Afterwards we visited Peak Promotion office to meet all the Sherpas. Wangchu Sherpa, director Peak Promotion, gave a brief of instructions to all the team members and wished great success to the expedition.

Peak Promotion

at Peak Promotion

Afterwards we went to Asian Treking office to test oxygen cylinders and masks. Mr. Ted Atkins briefed us about the equipment and usage. Everybody handled the oxygen equipment and had feel of bottled oxygen. There has been lot of improvement in the oxygen equipment in recent years which made it convenient for the mountaineers. Still there are lot of loop holes in the current system and mountaineer has to be aware of it. Many mountaineers have lost their summit attempts in the past because of oxygen equipment failure.