Daily Dispatches

Title: The WMS Everest Expedition 2012

24th March , 2012 - An expedition briefing day

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- Expedition Manager presenting detail brief of Everest Expedition 

24th March , 2012 -  An expedition briefing day 

WMS team at the 10th Anniversary of HRA - EBC Madical Clinic at Yak & yati

Detail berif of using oxygen mask, regualr and cylindr for summit bid- Top Out advance mask

Ted Atkin discoverd Top Out Mask. Peak Promotion is aware and try to use advance technology. Peak Promotion organize a programme in association with Ted to make aware for how to use Top Out maks with reguator and oxygen cylinder.


Shopping in downtown

Ted giving lecture about using maks and regulator- Top Out advance mask


Two days before leaving to Lukla the team had detail breifing for Everest. Along with Mingmar and the team, was having final lectur at Yak and Yeti meeting hall.It was a day for providing all information for climbing.


having dinner at Bhojan Griha

Welcome dinner at Bhojan Girha together with Everest team,, Peak Promotion's veteran guide and staffs