18 March 2007, Enjoying the afternoon in Ghambi.

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Sunday today. We had a great breakfast of omelettes and musieli and toast. Tea and cocoa, too, of course. We got an early start today, about 7:45 am. We started up going uphill out of the village regaining some of the elevation we had lost entering the village. We crested out of the village at 11,400 feet and then we did some down and up hills to 12,600 feet. We then worked our way down to Ghambi, at 11,400 feet, our destination for the day. Today was a pretty easy trek and the weather was absolutely beautiful. No wind or clouds and sunshine all around. Incredible views of the Annapurna range. We ate lunch of spam, apple/potato salad and bread. The bread on this trip is great, all homemade and different every day. Tents were set up in the back as well as a shower tent. So we are all clean for the next day’s trek. We also were able to get some clothes washed! Much appreciated. Enjoying the afternoon in Ghambi.