September 25, 2012 - Last Day in Chyangba

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at Lower secondary school in Kamding

September 25, 2012 - Chyangba Village

The rooster woke us up at 7am as usual and the first rays of sun could be seen through the open window of our bedroom. The usual morning tea was served by Phula and outside our room was the washing water and soap!
After breakfast the whole of Chyangba village gathered for the goodbye ceremony which included gifts such as Khatas, eggs and warm milk and both a individual  and a group photo session before we could leave and start our walk to Kamding.

We arrived in Kamding after one hour and began visiting the health post where people from the local area as well as from the Okhuldunga district come to for medical assistance.

Then we were invited to visit the Lower secondary school in Kamding where we distributed writing books and pens to the 147 students at the school! After lunch we started our trek towards Gorakhani and the first hour went downwards through dense jungles crossing one river before reaching Tapting. From Tapting we started the ascent up to Gorakhani and were accompanied up the steep slopes by young school children on their way home from the Tapting school. We arrived at Wongchu’s sisters house in Gorakhani just before dusk and was offered dinner and beer in the company of all the family and relatives!

dudha  koshi river

Dudha Koshi River