September 22, 2012 - Salleri

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team at Waleri

team at Salleri


September 22, 2012 - Salleri

Today we woke up to a clear blue sky at Everest Guest House, and around noon we left Phaplu after waiting some time for Wongshu to arrive from Katmandu. Our trekking group is all men, but me…All born Sherpas but for Tommy, but I say he is almost a Sherpa…and have walked this area since they were born and some of them have been to the Mount Everest Summit many times…Myself, a Swedish city woman 50 yrs and not trained in altitude and the mountains - you get the picture… :)

Walking to the next village Salleri we visited the market at Dorpu Bazaar which is held every Saturday and then passing through many small villages. Colorful houses, colorful people, donkeys carrying food, children playing in the street, people just sitting in the doorway. Some is doing the laundry, some preparing dry local fruits. 

Tommy said before we went here, it is almost impossible to explain what it is like in Nepal. I agree. You have to see and experience it yourself. For me it feels what I imagine it is making a documentary film.

During this trekking we are staying at local houses, that means we sleep and eat at local homes. Very, very simple. To avoid eventually getting sick we have our own chef who makes really good food.

Todays trekking was about 5-6 hours, down and up in a fantastic jungle and now after a homemade tasty Dhal Bath at dinner I am really tired and will go to bed in a room you never ever have seen before... I will sleep in the same clothes I walked in today, I will not shower for many days and I will probably go to a deep sleep in this high mountain air and not think too much about the what is under the very simple wooden bed and strange bugs, wild cats, tigers, black bears and whatever there is outside and that the smell and standard reminds me of my childhood lekstuga.

Tommy and the Sherpas are talking politics from breakfast to sleeping. How and what is possible to change so things can be the better for the people.

I got new nick names by the Sherpa guys; Didi and Ama: Didi means respectful older sister and Ama(mama) .
Good night!

Hydro Power of Salleri

Hydro Power of Salleri