17 March 2007, Destination, Shyangmochen, at 3,770 meters.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We departed Chele around 8:15 am on a cloudless, glorious morning. We climbed to our lunch destination by 11 am, in Samar. By then, it was very warm, with Annapurna I in view. We departed by 12:30 pm and hiked up and down the trail in order to cross the steep canyons. We reached our high point at 3,860 meters by 3:34 pm (about12, 800 feet). Our net vertical today was somewhere between 3000-4000 feet! Quite an accomplishment at these altitudes. We made our destination, Shyangmochen, at 3,770 meters. We enjoyed tea and snacks while we rested and waited for our bags to arrive. Dinner was excellent, with spaghetti, amazing potatoes and vegetables. We then went to sleep as we had quite a day! We slept in rooms at the inn since there was far too much snow and mud to set up a tent.