11 March 2007, Our first day in Kathmandu.

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Our first full day in Kathmandu .
We awoke to the sounds of the horns and pigeons, a hot shower and a delicious breakfast at the Tibet Guest House, Billi Biering (assistant to Miss Elizabeth Hawley a Himalayan Mountaineering Chronicler) arrived to gather information on the climbers and their planned ascents on Cho Oyu and Everest. At 10 am we began a walking tour with Keshab Poudel. We visited many of the shops in Thamel, the original kings’ palace and several temples. Nearby several cows mingled with hundreds of pigeons. Silks, knives, pashminas, buddhas different statues, books, jewelry and trinkets fill the stores with every hue and texture while motorbikes, cars, carriages, bikes and pedestrians fill the street.

After a Thai lunch we head to Peak Promotion to get some training on the cybercast, meet the employees and the Sherpas who will accompany us and tour the facility. Wongchu showed us many pictures from his climbs and his store of wholesale climbing gear. The day ended with dinner back at the Tibet Guest House.