10 March 2007, Group in Kathmandu.

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Donna and Bill arrived on Saturday, March 10 at 12:30pm from Bangkok, Thailand. Friends Dick and Terri arrived shortly thereafter from New Delhi, India. They were greeted by Ram from Peak Promotion who assisted them with many bags of gear and presented them with beautiful flower leis. Together they traveled in one van to the Tibet Guest House. Another van was packed full with over 20 bags of gear for the trek and expedition. Ram gave a tour of the city on our way and made them feel completely at home. They met with Wongchu Sherpa and Ram later in the day to financer their plans for the city tour, trek and expeditions.
Wongchu then met them at the hotel and escorted through the maze of Kathmandu street to the climbers’ Restaurant, Rum Doodle, where they enjoy a delicious meal after days of long travel.