November 17, 2012 - Last Day of Adventure

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mountain view

November 17, 2012 - Lukla

Last day of the adventure! Today we head to Lukla! It was a semi-long day – maybe 6 hours spend walking. But again, with all the oxygen available it was easy peasy! 

The weather was great, and somehow the whole day felt like sunset – I think it was just my mood, making my mind imagine that the whole day was a long long sunset. It defiantly felt like this – the end of a great adventure. We were walking into the sunset. What will happen now? No-one knows. The people at the Khumbu Lodge, Namche Bazaar surely know what they wanted to be next – as they said: “Next year, Everest”. As I told them – maybe in a few years :)

It was a fun experience coming into Lukla. Me coming into Lukla, smelling like I don’t know what, looking like a caveman, and all these fresh faces, well showered, with clean clothes and fresh haircuts walking down from Lukla. I couldn’t help to wonder to myself – how will these people look in 14 days?

In Lukla I had my first shower in 2 weeks. It was a cold shower, so I only showered the most important parts of my body. It felt great! There was a mirror in the shower, and I realized that my ribs had become rather noticeable! It seems I must have left a few kgs of fat behind at Imje Tse!

In the evening we met up with the porters, and we said our goodbyes, and I thanked them for their great effort, and gave them a little postcard with my thanks, and of course a tip for their great work. Seriously, there is no way I could have climbed this mountain without them!

The rest of the evening was spend having great fun. Tommy that we had met 10 days earlier where here at the guesthouse together with the climbing legends David Breashers and Edgar Boyles (if you don’t know them Google them!). We had some beers, popcorn and nice food, and lots of good conversation. It was a great end to a great adventure!
Tomorrow we head off to Katmandu – back to civilization!