November 15, 2012 - Back to Tengboche

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November 15, 2012 - Back to Tengboche

I got out of bed today at 6:30 am – simply couldn’t sleep any longer. Actually I didn’t have that good a sleep last night – I think the body was simply too tired, and the mind to busy processing what had happened the day before. We had climbed Imje Tse!!

The morning was spend rather relaxed, with lots of tea, some good breakfast and getting all our gear organized before we headed down the mountain again.

Only around 11 am did we hit the road. The body felt well rested after the efforts yesterday, but the feet where defiantly letting me know that they had been used 13 hours the day before :) 

After one hour of walking we reached Dingboche, where we had some lunch and relaxed for a while. After that we returned to the trail and headed further down the mountain.

It was a surprise to see the return of vegetation as we descended into lower altitude. All of the sudden we could see trees, and other plants again! The air felt nice, clean and fresh. And with this cleaner air, I also realized the smell of myself and the fact that I have not showered for almost 2 weeks now :)

We reached Tengboche, 3876m around 4 pm where we will spend the night. It is such a nice feeling to have all this oxygen available to the body once again!


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Last chance to walk on the ice


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