November 13, 2012 - Island Peak Base Camp

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island peak base camp

November 13, 2012 - Island Peak Base Camp

Today was a hectic but exciting day. We had a bit of sleep in – saving up strength for the summit push tomorrow!

After some breakfast, we started preparing the climbing gear and packing all the stuff we needed for base camp. Also we made sure to pack away everything we did not need, and we kept it safe here at the guest house in Chukung. After having double checked the climbing gear, packed enough food to feed an army, and having eaten a huge serving of lunch we headed off for a short 2 ½ walk towards base camp.

I cannot explain how beautiful this walk was. Amazing views of Island peak, and other Himalayan giants. Extremely pleasant weather and the amazing company of Pemba Sherpa. At this moment I really didn’t care if we would make the summit or not. Walking towards base camp was just so beautiful and pleasant, and I felt very happy.

When we reached base camp, the porters set up the tents, and we had some tea and food. After having rested a bit, we did some climbing practice. Pemba set up some fixed ropes on a nearby slope, and we started my mountaineering training. It was good fun, and I am sure it will serve me well tomorrow during the climb. The concepts of handling the ropes are actually quite clever – I think these mountaineers know what they are doing :)

We had a light dinner at around 6PM and then headed off to sleep in our -20 degree tents. We are going to wake up tomorrow at 1:30 AM, and push for the summit at 2:00AM. This is really it!

Pemba Sherpa has thought me not to think about anything else than the climb – don’t worry about friends or family at home – just focus. I think this will serve me well. No matter what will happen tomorrow, I am grateful for this amazing adventure and for having this opportunity. All I can promise is that I will work my hardest and try my best. I hope that this will be enough.


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